Who We are

Life Capital Management Ltd (LCM) is an independently owned investment banking and securities firm. LCM was founded in 2008 and provides a range of services which include Investment Banking, Securities Trading, Foreign Exchange products for clients ranging from corporations, governments, state owned enterprises (SOEs), financial institutions to individuals. LCM works in the high growth markets of Sub Saharan Africa with a presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa and currently covers over 10 African countries.

Culture and Principles

Understanding Clients

Invest time to select, understand clients' needs and exceed their expectations


We treat all stakeholders including competitors the same way we will like want to be treated.

Teamwork and Integrity

We value teamwork, integrity and hard work over degrees and reputation in our employees


Every client irrespective of size gets the same level of service and excellence

Collegial Environment

We create a collegial and constantly evolving environment where employees express themselves creatively and exceed expectations

Clients First

We always represent clients’ interests first